What do you do with the money worth

You Have the Chance to Change Your Life Forever.
Do not miss this opportunity

How is your finacial life
Lets your dreams begin!

If life is not in accordance with our expectations, we must always try to pursue dreams in the future

  • Free of financial problems.

  • Debt free.

  • Children's education fund.

  • Health fund, time for family, hobbies and vacations

Amethyst Features

Equipped with several supporting features to serve all communities.

SSL Protection

Use Premium Rapid SSL on the main server side and SSL Cloudflare on the security server.

DDOS Protection

Two protections from ddos ​​attacks on the main server and security server.

Personalized Security

blocks them so intelligently. Also malware detection and threads removal and clean up works like a charm.

User Friendly Display

The member page is easy for you.

24/7 Platform active

Trying to remain accessible as long as you join.

Free Consulting

Our agents are ready to help you any time via live chat or emails.

About Us

Amethyst.asia Is a International Comunity with the concept of Donation between Partners Amethyst.asia and partners who have just joined, with the International Comunity style which is quite trend but still refers to the value of responsibility and commitment and professionalism of Amethyst.asia towards what has been agreed between us, and our partners.

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Why Choose Us

We are committed to helping each other sincerely between registered members at amethyst.asia.

No Central Authority

Donations between members, we only provide a system for who and to whom.

Completely Decentralized

All your donation data is protected in our system safely.

Peer-to-Peer Network

All donations between member to member.

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Welcome to Amethyst.asia

We are here for the Take and Give program which is very profitable and will continue to increase every period. Unlike the trading of gold, stocks, and forex, Amethtyst.asia as a tool to help the social regulation of the business that you develop is from you for you so that almost security and comfort will be maintained and almost without risk in the future.

For example, rich countries play an important role in the global financial sector. Through investment companies (Investment Corporation), they invest capital and influence the policies of developing countries. Many people consider this as a new form of colonialism, even though it is an investment land opportunity with a very promising fixed income.

For the convenience of customers in their transactions, Amethyst.asia is connected to Secure LiteSpeed ​​WebServer with uptime of up to 99.99% which ensures you stay safe in monitoring the development of your investment funds for the next 10 years

The Payment System that we have implemented has been integrated with payment instruments globally both with local and foreign currencies as well as Cryptocurrency

"Congratulations on joining us, and enjoy the ease and speed of earning a very profitable profit."

Financial revolution and revolution and network marketing

  • Small capital required.

  • Part time.

  • Big and passive income.

  • National and international market potential.

  • Online based business.